Welcome To Our Company

Royal Trader is a leading edge scrap and metal trading company operating successfully in MP region in India. Started three year back with just a small yard and commitment to serve best quality material to industries, we now stand amongst the leading companies.

Royal Trader has a national supply chain which is subsequently rising with time. We handle all major ferrous (HMS-1 and HMS 2) and non-Ferrous scrap supply like aluminium, zinc, copper and lead.

We follow strict procedures and all the laid norms during segregation of metals. When the scrap arrives at one of our facilities, following processing methods are used: sorting (for easily separable metals), shredding (for extraction from a mixture), media separation, shearing and baling. We are committed to handle efficient supply of bulk orders in a specified amount of a time. We believe in building relations with clients through quality service.


We helps the community, industries, and the government through the trading of industrial and residential scrap metal. We provide cost-effective solutions for disposal of all types of metals. We buy all the items of any ferrous and non-ferrous metals which are totally obsolete, damaged or old. Our assembling team arranges a pick up from your factory premises and handle the scrap in a lawful manner.

We sell plain scrap, sorted and reprocessed scrap metals to the end-user industries. The collected scrap metal is brought to our yard and examined for the quality and re-usability. The scrap metal is segregated and supplied to foundries, construction, transportation, and other industries for further use. The product we supply is as per the customized need of the end-user industry. Besides being a leader in trading of metal wastes, we are also collecting e-waste generated in the homes and offices.

What We Offer?

Our products are a wide range of metal scrap and e-waste consisting different categories. The product categories are plain obsolete scrap, low-quality scrap metal, and high-quality recycled waste.


We offer following products in customized quality and volume:
1. Shredded Scrap
2. Heavy Melting Scrap
3. All types of Ferrous scrap
4. Aluminium scrap
5. Other non-ferrous scraps like copper, zinc, and brass
6. E-waste derived from the scrap of computers, laptops, calculators, and other electronic items